All of Victoria!

by gfgirlmelb

I’ve compiled the best gluten free eateries in Melbourne and surrounds and put them all on the map below. You can easily search different suburbs to see the best places to eat out. The three different categories are outlined below the map. Please let me know if you think I missed any good gluten free eateries and I’ll add them!

CA: accredited by the Coeliac Society of Australia

GF: a 100% gluten free eatery

GFO: gluten free options available

All the eateries on this map have either been visited by me or another Coeliac. However please always ask your own questions about cross contamination when visiting, as things can change! 


Below are the reviews I’ve managed to complete so far. I’ve personally been to all these restaurants/cafes or bakeries myself. I’m still adding to this, but being Coeliac for eight years means I’ve eaten out alot. It’s going to take me another 6 months to complete all my reviews, so I’ll be updating regularly. If you’re on a phone scroll through the different locations in Victoria to see the reviews. 

Melbourne CBD