Caffe Strada

So it appears Ivanhoe is one of the best suburbs to live in if you’re Coeliac. At my last count there are three 100% gluten free places to eat out – Dehlicious Indian, Theo’s Fish & Chips and Caffe Strada.

I absolutely love Caffe Strada. My favourite thing about them is probably their Turkish Bread. It absolutely does not look or taste gluten free. When ever I eat it multiple people alway ask me if its gluten free, a sure sign you’ve hit the gluten free bread jackpot. The menu is packed full of options, including burgers, focaccia’s and homemade sausage rolls, plus there’s also plenty to satisfy a sweet tooth.

I absolutely love getting a focaccia, as bread is usually something I avoid if I’m not eating out somewhere 100% gluten free, or Coeliac Accredited. And make sure you stock up on some gluten free bread, they have so much variety, and its all fantastic!

Find out more here.

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