Foddies Cafe

A must visit cafe if you’re in Melbourne, the whole menu is gluten free (except some non-gluten free bread). Plus they take all the precautions to ensure their food is safe for Coeliacs. They also cater for a range of dietary requirements, especially those on a low FODMAP diet. Owned and operated by Luke and Chrissy, the loveliest couple who opened their first cafe when there were limited options on Melbourne’s food scene, for those with dietary restrictions. Since then they’ve grown, were on Shark Tank, and now have their very own range of frozen gluten free meals. Find out more here! 

What I’d recommend: the donuts! Go Thursday to Saturday for a different range of gluten free donuts, that do-nut taste gluten free. My favourite is the salty road pictured below! Or the buttermilk fried chicken burger.


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