Mamasita Mexican

Nearly everything on the menu here is gluten free! This is some of the best Mexican I’ve tasted. I love their speciality corn (I even made it myself at home) and the tacos, and am always finding something new I love on the menu. Simon and I had dinner here on our first date. We actually started at Gin Palace nearby and ended up here for dinner. I think we bonded mainly over our mutual love for Mexican food, and the fact we both had corn all throughout our teeth. And here we are a couple of years later living together, telling each other straight away in front of others if we have food in our teeth. That’s real love right? But seriously we go back here so often that the bartender knows us. Simon loves their Jalapeno margaritas, and I love their Mojitos. So it’s a win win!

They’re usually pretty popular on the weekend so I’d recommend booking ahead of time, or go early to beat the rush. We’ve waited up to an hour here before for a table.

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