Mr Black Juicery

A 100% gluten free and vegan cafe, but you wouldn’t know it. Located in Berwick, the food here is delicious, I never know what to pick. I love their smoothie bowls in Summer, you can pimp them with lots of extras too. In Winter I go for the Nacho bowl, its tasty and packed full of lentils (yay protein!). You can sit inside or outside under the tree (dependent on the weather). In Summer it’s great to sit outside.

When you enter the cafe make sure you check out the treats cabinet, so you can save room for later. I’ve never seen so many delicious gluten free and vegan treats! Something else they have here (which is hard to find in Melbourne) is Cocowhip. A vegan soft serve, made from coconut ingredients, so its vegan and gluten free. It’s delicious, especially on the buckwheat pancakes. It’s not too sweet, and tastes coconuty (not a word, but how else do I describe it!). I love the taste of coconut, so it’s right up my alley.

Find out more on their instagram. They’re website is ‘under construction’.


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