Wholesome, homemade and totally gluten free food. This cafe in Warrandyte is one of the original gluten free cafes near Melbourne, and absolutely worth a visit. Just walk through the door, and you can smell the fresh gluten free goods they’re baking that day. Such as tarts, cakes, biscuits and more. Nearly everything is made fresh in house, and you can taste the difference.

Simon and I lived nearby for a few months, and we would visit regularly. We would buy up their pesto chicken foccacias (they sell out quick) to take home, for our lunches for work. We still haven’t been able to replicate it at home (there is some secret ingredient in it I swear!), so we’ll keep driving 45 minutes now to visit the lovely owners, and stock up on pesto chicken foccacias. I’d recommend eating in house, the Dukkah eggs are delicious and the tomato tart. My Dad still raves about the ice coffee he had here, as the best he’s ever had! And make sure you save room for dessert. The cheesecake is my recommendation, it’s creamy, and delicious.

Check their opening hours before visiting, they’re typically open Wednesday to Saturday.

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