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Using a good quality gluten free flour can help determine your success in the kitchen. Trust me I’ve tried them all, from the big supermarket versions to making my own blends or ordering them online from overseas. So the ones I recommend here are the best of the bunch!
If you just want to crumb some fish, thicken a sauce or coat something in flour before cooking, than any gluten free flour or even rice or corn flour will do the job. However if you want to make a cake, cookies or something that requires structure, air, and needs to be fluffy then picking a good quality flour will make a big difference.
My top picks:


One of the best gluten free flours I’ve found. Great in cakes, biscuits, tarts, or any baked good. It substitutes really well in most recipes. I quite often use it as a straight swap for normal gluten flour, and no body can ever tell it’s gluten free. They are located in Melbourne, head to their website to find out where you can source it.


If I can’t get my hands on Ardor, my next go to is Bobs Red Mill. It substitutes fairly well in most baked goods. I usually stock up when I see them at the gluten free expo to have on hand throughout the year. If you’re not in Melbourne it will probably be easier to get your hands on this, as its stocked at lots of independents and gluten free stores, and online. I have seen it on Amazon!

Disclaimer – nothing on this page is sponsored or an ad, it is all my own opinion. If something has been gifted I will identify it as such. I’ve been using these products for years, which is what I credit my baking success to. 

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